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Learn How To Double
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This FREE email course will give
you 5 simple steps to:

  • See a 400% boost in email revenue in the next 30 days

  • Increase the profitability of your paid ads so you can scale faster

  • Achieve 30-50% of your total revenue from email

My name is Kyle Stout, and I've have helped over a dozen ecommerce brands double (and even triple!) their revenue with email marketing. And now, I want to share everything I know with you!

Who's this email course for?

This email course is designed for 3 specific types of ecommerce brands

1) Brands who have been thinking about starting email marketingbut keep putting it off because they feel like they lack the knowledge or skills to do so

2) Brands who have some email marketingbut go weeks or months without sending to their list because they're stressed with everything else going on

3) Brands who have been outsourcing their email marketing to a freelancer or agencybut not getting the results they think they deserve, or are happy with the quality of the emails

Want to make sure this FREE email

course is “worth it” before you sign-up?

Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: Step 1 - How to boost your sales by setting up flows

Day 2: Step 2 - How to segment your list to increase email engagement

Day 3: Step 3 - How to grow your list so you can make more money from email

Day 4: Step 4 - How to fix your email deliverability so your emails don’t land in spam

Day 5: Step 5 - How to A/B test your emails to get more people to buy

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